2004 Gallery


Barb Rego's Chair

Entitled: The Final Frontier
Artist: Barb Rego – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “I wanted to participate as a Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artist because I thought that it would be an interesting experience and I hope to be able to contribute to the fight against breast cancer in some meaningful way, so that my daughters, or my son will never have to go through this.”

Christine Barnard's Chair

Entitled: Simple Blessings
Artist: Christine Barnard – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “To participate as a Survivor Artist for the Rare Chair Affair gives me another chance in my life to make a difference by doing something fun and to savor the ordinary everyday moments.”

Cindy Robak's Chair

Entitled: Don’t Bug Me
Artist: Cindy Robak – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “The project itself is an expression of me in that by recycling something old I was able to create a functional and whimsical object. It has been a joy for me to use my creativity to help the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition. If breast cancer has changed my life in any way, it has simply made me love and appreciate every day more than I could have ever imagined.”

Gerry Parenteau's Chair

Entitled: Reserved
Artist: Gerry Parenteau – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “I don’t worry about the future because each day is precious. I try to live in a state of gratitude daily and life just keeps getting better. I am a Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artist this year so I can bring hope to anyone who may hear the words ‘You have breast cancer.'”

Jane Thoma's Chair

Entitled: Dance Thru Life
Artist: Jane Thoma – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “Being a breast cancer survivor who loves to work on crafts, becoming a Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artist seemed perfect for me. I want to raise money for breast cancer research so others will not have to go through this terrible disease.”

Butterfly's Chair

Entitled: The Butterfly Chair
Artist: Joan Mayer – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “I really like the idea of creating works of art to benefit breast cancer. What a neat concept. I choose to be a Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artist because I wanted to participate in raising money and awareness for breast cancer.”

Karen Kamps Solliday's Chair

Entitled: Memento Marie
Artist: Karen Kamps Solliday – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “It is my hope that as a Survivor Artist for the Rare Chair Affair, creating this chair will move me further along the path toward a healthy recovery. It’s very therapeutic to be among the other breast cancer survivors and to be creative.”

Kathy Katzban's Chair

Entitled: Victor/Victorian
Artist: Kathy Katzban – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “I believe the Rare Chair Affair is a great platform for raising awareness of the number of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and to make it more personal. I know that without the new technology and drug advancements available today, I would not have been given much hope for survival. I chose to be a Survivor Artist this year because working on the chairs is fun and I met so many other incredible breast cancer survivors.”

Lynn Carmody's Chair

Entitled: New Life
Artist: Lynn Carmody – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “I have met many wonderful, inspiring fellow Survivor Artists. We all have so much in common and so much to share. Participating in this event is an amazing experience! I am honored to be a part of it. I know that together we can make a difference!”

Terri Matusek's Chair

Entitled: piCATsso
Artist: Terri Matusek – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments: “Participating as a Survivor Artist for the Rare Chair Affair for me is another way to help raise money for breast cancer. Also meeting other survivors has given me great comfort. I have learned so much from talking to other women. We all have a special bond of friendship. This gives my heart great peace.”