2005 Gallery


Mery's Chair

Entitled: Words to Live By
Artist: Sara Beck – (Profile)

Ina's Chair

Entitled: 87 Stars
Artist: Ina Kasper – (Profile)

Linda's Chair

Entitled: Son Rise
Artist: Linda Kennell – (Profile)

Tricia's Chair

Entitled: Madame Butterfly
Artist: Tricia Price – (Profile)

Galina's Chair

Artist: Galina Tash – (Profile)
Artist’s Comments:
When I found out that I could paint a chair for the RCA I got excited. I didn’t know what the chair would be, but in my head I was already drawing what I wanted to put on the chair. I want my chair to speak to everyone on a very personal level: “I had breast cancer and got sick. The important thing is I’m ALIVE and I am strong and I will survive. Life is worth fighting for.”

Merry's Chair

Entitled: Transformation
Artist: Merry Thiele – (Profile)

Laura's Chair

Entitled: Embracing the New Me
Artist: Laura Vander Heyden

Linda's Chair

Entitled: Toulouse
Artist: Linda Weide – (Profile)

Sophia's Chair

Entitled: Angel Chair
Artist: Sophia Waite – (Profile)