Barb Rego

Barb Rego

Germantown, WI

Physical therapist

Age Diagnosed:

My Reason For Participating:
“I wanted to participate as a Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artist because I thought that it would be an interesting experience and I hope to be able to contribute to the fight against breast cancer in some meaningful way, so that my daughters, who are only 20 and 22 years old, or my son who is 15, will never have to go through this.”

My Story:
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2002, after finding the lump myself. Over the next several months I had a mastectomy (two positive lymph nodes), six rounds of chemotherapy, and I finished treatment just before Christmas. I was told I did not need radiation, so I spent the next seven months getting back to a new “normal” life.

Then, in July of 2003, I found a very small “bump” on my scar. I really thought that it was probably scar tissue. Ironically, I had it removed on the 1st anniversary of my mastectomy … It turned out to be more cancer. So, I had more surgery, and this time, a full course of radiation.

Six weeks later (again just before Christmas) there was another “bump” – More Cancer. The cancer was spreading in the chest wall area. So I started chemotherapy again in January and have been getting chemo weekly since then. They have had to change my drugs many times, but this current combination seems to be working. I have also had 28 additional radiation treatments. The combination of chemotherapy and radiation has worked well, and, while I do not yet know if I am in remission, I am very hopeful.

There have been many positive things about this cancer “journey”. I have been blessed with many, many supportive, kind and wonderfully generous friends. I have made several very good friends who also are also going through this “journey”. I have become healthier and happier in my life and closer to my family. My faith has been strengthened and I have experienced the power of prayer.