Claudia Kabler-Babbitt

Claudia Kabler-Babbitt

Glendale, WI

Literacy Program Coordinator

Age Diagnosed:

My Reason For Participating:
“I wanted to participate in the Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artists because I support breast cancer research, I enjoy meeting new folks…and I wanted to paint with bright colors, especially yellow!”

My Story:
My breast cancer was difficult to diagnose, the tumor was not detected by mammogram or physical exam. Finally, after an ultrasound-guided biopsy in 1999, I had a mastectomy with an axillary dissection. The tumor type was very aggressive, and also I had 3 positive lymph nodes. I had 8 courses of chemotherapy, then radiation therapy, followed by 52 “once a week” infusions of Herceptin. I finally finished all therapy in the fall of 2001. I have not had a recurrence!

My family, friends and physicians were all supportive and helpful, but the whole breast cancer experience was kind of an endurance trial.

Once my treatment was over, I felt starved for sunlight and color, after all those blues and the blahs. Since then I have indulged my preference for bright sunny yellow, and tried to match my outlook to the hue.