Joan Mayer

Joan Mayer

Fox Point, WI

My Reason For Participating:
“I really like the idea of creating works of art to benefit breast cancer. What a neat concept. I choose to be a Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artist because I wanted to participate in raising money and awareness for breast cancer.”

My Story:
On January 27th, 2003 I had gone in for a regular mammogram and ultrasound. It was totally clean. Then, just a few months later, on April 11th, I found a lump in my breast. I went to the doctor immediately and within two weeks I found myself diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

My treatment involved an initial mastectomy where they found cancer in three of my lymph nodes. This was followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My breast cancer was estrogen +, which means that the estrogen in my body is feeding the cancer cells and helping them grow. I am now taking Aromasin, which is a drug that blocks estrogen from cancer cells, for several years.

There was no history of breast cancer in my family.

When I was making decisions on my treatment, I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy because of the rapid growth of my tumor. I can say I have had great doctor care and wonderful support from my family and friends.

I am very proud to say I am a breast cancer survivor, since I know the effort it took in my life in order to be a survivor. I want to remind people about the importance of breast self-exams, without my diligence, I may not have caught my cancer in time.