Sophia Waite

My Story:

I am a two time cancer survivor (once in each breast, 1995 and 2000). These were two different kinds of cancer and not a recurrence. Treatment was undertaken at Froedert with Drs. Walker, White, and Hosenpad. During the second occurrence a friend accompanied me to chemo treatments, when possible. This was greatly supportive for that particular long haul!

Although I was born in Milwaukee, attended Messmer High School, Mount Mary College, and graduated from UWM, in 1962 I decided to drive to California in my 1957 (round backed) Volvo. I lived in the Palo Alto – Stanford area for 28 years. When the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology opened I felt called to complete this PhD program. This was a fabulously awesome experience for me.

I eventually returned to Milwaukee in 1990 after suffering the effects of a “slip and fall” accident. Recovery from this accident occurred slowly over four years.

After this long journey I am extremely happy to be re-visiting my relationship with “art”.