Jeanine Davis

My Story:

My son, Grady, took his first independent step the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was 13 months old and I was 2 months shy of my 32nd birthday. All I could think of was “what is going to happen to my son? Will he even remember me?” Then one day after sharing my fears with my mother, she came to me and said, “Even if something should happen to you, although he might not remember you, he will remember the love you have given him.”” She really helped me to let go of those fears and realize my son is strong, even without me.

I have so many dreams for my son but this summed it up best: “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars”. I want him to try everything in life and do everything he wants, not to be afraid of failure. The biggest regret in life is not doing something you wanted because you were afraid. I might to be here to see him achieve his full potential but I know I have given him the strong base of love and confidence that he needs to make any dream come true.