Jill Eder

My Story:

“Survivor: One who continues to live life.” That has always been me – what can I say? Lumpectomy, chemo, radiation. My story is familiar, but unique only to me. This chair is in honor of all my friends who helped me through this chapter in my life. And in honor of the love and support of my husband Michael Mazur and my children Bettny and Aidan Mazur.

Most of all it is in memory of my mother, Betty Eder, who died of breast cancer in 1982 and my father Irving Eder who died 1 year ago. They taught me about family, friendship, strength, love, happiness, warmth, smiling and laughter. My mother and I loved to sit down over a cup of coffee together and swap stories. Everyone who know me knows my favorite thing to do is to relax over a cup of coffee or latte with the people I love. So please remember every time you sit in my chair, take time to smell the coffee, sip slowly – live life.