Virginia Erlandsson

My Story:

“THE DAY THE BABIES CRAWLED AWAY”, a delightful picture book, is my inspiration for “Remember the day…,” a child’s art desk.

The hero of this story, a little boy three or four years old, keeps careful watch over his town’s babies as they crawl away from their busy moms and dads into a froggy bog, a bat cave, a field of butterflies, and even a crow’s nest.  At days’ end, the little boy brings all the babies safely home.

That little boy always makes me think of MY heroes–my grandchildren.  Leif, Norah, Owen, Blake and Kayla make every day joyous and remind me of the wonder-filled tomorrows we will share.  They have brought, and will always bring, the most amazing, healing experiences and energy to me and to every life they touch!

Leif’s mommy, Carolyn Bazan, a professional artist, painted the details from the picture book.  Thank you, dear daughter!”