Georgia Fitzwilliams


My Story:

I wish I could say that I had this great creative moment when I looked at my chairs in their native form, and was able to transform that moment into a great masterpiece, but that didn’t happen. I recall looking at them and not seeing anything but cute old chairs. It was the intervention of everyone in that room that provided the creative inspiration that turned these chairs into an expression of love, support and understanding for a cause that has become all too common place in the lives of women everywhere. But for the support and guidance of all the women in that room, my chairs would have remained cute old chairs with just a new coat of paint. Just as a disclaimer, I don’t fish which makes this entry all the more fascinating. This is just another example of the blessings that have come to me as a cancer survivor.

My battle began 15 years ago, 1992 and again in 2003. But over those 15 years, I have experienced some of life’s greatest pleasures. I am constantly overwhelmed by the strength and spirit of all the survivors I have met. The families of cancer survivors live that diagnosis as well, and my family, like others is on the offense with me every step of the way. They are strong, positive, and loving and haven’t lost their sense of humor which is a family hallmark. Being a ‘friend’ of a breast cancer survivor brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘friend’. I am surrounded by the best friends anyone could have. The medical community that I have been a part of for so long has become more than a distribution mechanism for heath care. They care about me and it shows. And on the front line, (my quarterback), is my faith. Family, Friends, Faith. That’s a winning team!

So many emotions come to mind and I hope people feel the energy and see the love that went into this project. It has been fun, and with a bit of luck, someone will catch the “Big One” while sitting in their Rare Chair.