Joan Grade


My Story:

My story. At the age of 63 in May 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In July 2002 I had 3 pre-chemo which was helpful in shrinking breast lumps. And in October 2002 I under went right breast lumpectomy and lymph nodes after consulting with many specialists. In December 02′ a meta port was inserted and 4 more chemo was given. Now a total of 7. And in 2003 radiation of the breast and underarm. 37 tips for radiation. In November, 2002 a very serious infection in the armpit developed and put me in the hospital for 8 days over Thanksgiving. Now have lymphadema. June 2008 I should be done with my Femara medication for good. And pray it never returns.

This disease is genetic on my mother’s side. It has invaded both females and males of my family.

In 1967 at the age of 27 I was also diagnosed with my very first bout of liposarcoma cancer – a rare malignant tumor of the fat cells in the thigh. I could not give up because I had 2 small children. My thought: don’t give and don’t quit.

Because of my cancer I became a certified fitter Camp and Jobst to help others. I also started a Red Hat Group to get others out from behind closed doors and meet new people. And I’m always looking to do more if it helps others.