Linda Weide


My Story:

When I was diagnosed in April of 1993, our children were 17, 14, and 11 years old. I distinctly remember celebrating my daughter’s 12th birthday in Columbia Hospital while I was recuperating from my mastectomy. Later that evening, I laid in my hospital bed wondering how many milestones in my children’s lives I‘d live to see. I started setting goals. “Please God let me see them graduate from middle school, high school. Let me see them graduate from college. How about seeing them get married? I’d really like to be a mother of the bride. Finally, to me the icing on the cake would be to live to see a grandchild.” Well, during these past 14 ½ years I’ve dealt with several recurrences, which have been treated with more surgery, radiation, hormonal treatments and chemo. The majority of these treatments have been developed in recent years because of research dollars. I am living proof that we are making advances against this dreaded disease. PS. We have 3 gorgeous and healthy grandsons and my next goal is to see our son Tony and his fiancée Erin married next September. Thanks so much for your support this evening in helping me reach my goals.