Marilyn Calfa

My Story:

I was 48 when I had my mastectomy in September of 1992. The cancer was stage 2 and 3 and was in 21 out of 24 lymph nodes. After surgery I had six months of chemotherapy, followed by three months of radiation and ten years of Tamoxifen.

I have been fortunate to be problem free for 15 years, which is amazing but that is how cancer goes. One does not know what is in the cards. I just know I dealt with it and carried on my life with family and friends. Because of my family and friends I now have a large collection of giraffes that were given to me during my treatments. After all, you can use only so many nightgowns. This is why my chair has a giraffe on it. It has been my look-out for years and its face has been a peaceful focus.