Robert Cohen

My Story:

I chose to be involved with the rare chair affair and the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition to increase awareness of male breast cancer in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin communities.

As an active 38 year old, with no health issues, a wonderful family with three children, terrific job, and all and all and all . . . a great life, who would have questioned the uncomfortable area on my chest? But as the weeks passed into months and each time I was bumped, or the basketball hit the area, or I slept on my stomach, the pain increased. at first, I justified it as an ingrown hair, and then a fatty deposit, then a sprained pectoral muscle, at no time, would I have considered this discomfort to be breast cancer.

That was 11 years ago. since that time, i have had a left radical mastectomy, and lived with many of the issues that women deal with every day that are breast cancer survivors.