Jo DeMars

Artist Statement:

“It’s a Jungle Out There” is the theme song that begins each episode of the TV show Monk. Each week we watch as Monk, a private investigator afflicted with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), manages to overcome his fear of germs and being touched while working his way through to solve a murder. Someone with OCD could easily decide that the world is just way too scary and difficult, throw up their hands, and stay comfortably at home on the sofa. But week after week Monk demonstrates that being vulnerable doesn’t mean we give up. It would be easy, as a breast cancer survivor, to stay home and just think about the disease or what some might think of as “our broken parts.” Instead, Monk shows us that every week, even if it is a jungle out there, we can do our best and accomplish worthwhile goals. Photos I took on a recent trip to the Costa Rican jungle inspired this chair. It helps me recall the peacefulness that I often find in nature, in being among the birds, butterflies and beautiful blooming plants. Maybe what Monk is really showing us is that if you have a curious mind even the jungle isn’t so very scary.