Judy Goetzke

Artist Statement:

These chairs were inspired by my best artist friend, Jeanette Burican, who past away from breast cancer. They have been painted in her style. These chairs depict where I picture her in a quiet, serene place on a beach, enjoying the ocean, birds, and sand pipers. I got involved with the RCA because as a breast cancer survivor I felt I needed to give back to all people currently and in the past afflicted with the illness. Every person working in the medical field and politically relating to breast cancer needs to know there is lots of support and gratitude for their efforts.

As an interested breast cancer advocate I will let you read between the lines of my personal experience with breast cancer. Here is my advice:

  • Always question your mammogram provider if you have had suspicious results in the prior year.
  • Listen to your sixth sense and become your own advocate regardless of any positive feedback you might get in any shape or form.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • Never, never, never give up hope!