Mary Brevold

Mary Brevold

About Mary:

For Mary a diagnosis of DCIS was “lucky”. If you have to have breast cancer “you can’t get any luckier than I was.” Although the diagnosis is the least life threatening Mary felt like a “poster-child” for the importance of being in charge of your own healthcare. She learned everything she could about breast cancer, specifically DCIS, from the internet not from her oncologist’s office. The internet remained her primary resource until her last step of treatment: radiation. Mary would like to take her experience and use it to make breast cancer treatment information and options more accessible to women.

Mary’s Chair: Beer Chair

It’s about eating dessert first.

It is much too easy in life to get caught up in doing what is ‘right’ and following the socially accepted norms. Surviving cancer for me was learning to take control of my health and my life. It was about making informed decisions about what was happening. It was a wake-up call. Aging is now a privilege and the obvious is not always what it seems. For me reality is about love and laughter and sharing those with others. Life is for savoring the best and making the best of whatever comes my way. So my chair came together with bright colors of optimism and the contributions and support of others. I say, Dare to live and not just exist.