Debra Saker

Debra Saker

Life’s a Beach

It was almost 3 years ago that I found the lump. I have no family history of breast cancer, had always been healthy and had a clean mammogram a year before, so I wasn’t all that concerned when I left work for the doctor’s appointment. The parting words to my co-worker was “I’m sure it will be fine. It has to be because I am way too busy to have cancer.”

Lesson 1- The ugly truth: Cancer doesn’t respect your calendar. It doesn’t care about meetings, business travel or deadlines.

Lesson 2 – The silver lining: It is amazing how when you take a step back, you allow others to step up. If it’s important, it somehow gets done. If it doesn’t get done, the earth doesn’t stop spinning on its axis. Meetings can be rescheduled, plans changed and an untidy house is still a home.

Deb Saker's chairGod willing, my body’s battle with cancer is behind me. There is much of that experience that I would be happy to forget, but I am trying to remember the lessons learned and keep them relevant in my after-breast-cancer-life. One of those is that to take care of yourself, you need to, on occasion, walk away from the demands of others, unplug and simply “be” (vs. “do”).

I hope these chairs encourage their owner to, even for a few minutes, sit back, relax, and take the time to cherish whatever moment they’re in or whatever journey they’re on.