Pam Radaj

Pam Radaj's chair


The sun and moon represent all of us who have dealt with breast cancer, as we are all sisters, and they reflect on each other, just as we do. Their beautiful, round faces reminded me of last year when I had what I called my “Charlie Brown” head, something most of us also share, but you have to be able to find the humor where you can. It’s what keeps us going. And lastly, the stars represent all of our beautiful sisters who are no longer here with us but whose presence we feel always. God bless you, my sisters, stay strong.

Hi, my name is Pam and I am, today, a breast cancer survivor. I got my diagnosis in January of ’09 and spent the majority of last year in treatment. I found my “cancer experience” to be very enlightening. It definitely helps you get a better perspective on what is important in your life. For me, my life with my husband and our families is first and foremost. Nothing else seems quite as important as it used to be. I still work full time as a hair dresser and tattoo artist, but now, instead of thinking I would probably never retire, I am finding myself working towards doing that as soon as possible. We have all lost too many friends and family members to this awful disease, so whatever the plan is for my life, I intend to live every minute to the fullest.