Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox

Whispers From The Heart

Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 31 years old–11 years after being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Amanda’s sister was also diagnosed and treated for both diseases at a very young age. Amanda’s work in the health care field has provided her the knowledge she needed to be her own health advocate, and she hopes to help other women receive the education they need. To say that Amanda has amazing strength is an understatement. Amanda wants to see an end to breast cancer–for herself, for her family and friends, for her niece, and others at risk for the disease.

Amanda’s mirror is called ‘Whispers From The Heart’ and is painted with the quote:

It’s impossible, said pride.
It’s risky, said experience.
It’s pointless, said reason.
Give it a try, whispered the heart.

This quote represents Amanda’s philosophy on facing any adversity in life. She has never backed down from any difficult situation, especially her cancer diagnosis. “Instead of feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on the way my life has played out, I reflect on the fact that everyone has something negative or challenging in their life. Mine just happens to be cancer. And I truly believe that everyone has within them, the courage and strength to overcome.”

Amanda’s hope is that when you read the quote in the mirror, you also look at your reflection to find the courage and strength within and that you hear the whisper from your heart.