Jo DeMars

Jo DeMars

Over the past ten years I found the mission and the accomplishments of the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition are exemplary and are “close to my heart”. I am an Encore Survivor Artist because I want to see WBCC continue and to thrive!

WBCC was there for me when the days seemed the darkest. It propped me up and gave me a reason to fight back, and a goal to fight for: to end breast cancer (and all cancer).

WBCC introduced me to the world of evidence based medicine, to healthcare advocacy and to other breast cancer survivors. Through WBCC support and encouragement I was privileged to attend numerous National Breast Cancer Advocacy Training conferences, and to three Project LEAD programs. I now have the knowledge to share, I have the courage to advocate and I have the ability to truly make a difference in people’s lives – the cancer patients, their families and loved ones, and the communities.

Once, at a Project LEAD seminar, I was asked to introduce myself and to explain why advocacy was important to me. I thought of the other survivors I had met – some are still with us and , sadly, some are not. I thought of the poor, the less educated, the shy and the unnoticed. I answered that I am an advocate because those of us who can must speak up for those who cannot. We have a worthy goal, and I am committed to it.

Since my initial diagnosis, my survivorship has been about . . .
Advocacy and helping facilitate change to provide the best healthcare at the most affordable price.