Laura Stratte

Laura Stratte and family

I want to again be survivor artist for the Rare Chair Affair because it’s one way I can support the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition. This organization does so much to influence breast cancer policy and research. Most recently, they have been instrumental in helping stop a massive change in the Wisconsin Well Women Program that could have detrimentally affected the health care of thousands of Wisconsin women, and they are currently developing educational outreach programs to help inform the public about the environmental link to breast cancer. I love what this organization has done and is doing, and I want them to be around for a long time!

Since my initial diagnosis, my survivorship has been about . . .
My survivorship has morphed in the six years I’ve been a cancer survivor. At first, survivorship was about healing and finding a way to move forward. Then, it was extremely important to me to give back by providing support to fellow survivors, especially other young women, as well as becoming an advocate for research and health care as it directly relates to breast cancer and women’s health issues. Now, I’ve actually taken a step back. Although I work with breast cancer patients every day as a nurse navigator, MY breast cancer is no longer a main focus in my life. I’ve gone through the dark tunnel of cancer, have come out on the other side, and I don’t want to look back. My survivorship now is simply my life, and it feels great!