Jane Moore

Since her diagnosis at age 65, Jane has become interested in urging researchers to focus on treatments for Triple Negative breast cancer, and for everyone to learn more about environmental factors that affect breast cancer risk for young girls so that we can do better with breast cancer prevention.

She wonders if she might have discovered her own lump earlier if she had been better skilled in self-examination and feels that public awareness needs to be raised about women’s higher relative risk of breast cancer after age 65. Her experience with breast cancer left her needing ongoing massage therapy for radiation damage, and specialists in this therapy are not easy to find.

However, “I live much more in the present moment and enjoy it,” since breast cancer, she says. “I am better at managing worry and fear and have learned to stop myself form going down that path. I am taking better care of myself. I am thankful; I am happy; I am alive.”

Jane is returning as a Survivor Artist this year because of her great experience in 2015. “I was so inspired meeting the other Survivor Artists. It gave me hope, it was fun and it is a way to support advocacy and research to work toward a cure for all types of breast cancer.”