Jo DeMars

Jo is the Rare Chair Affair’s most experienced alum, mentoring many of our Survivor Artists in recent years and volunteering for the WBCC in other ways, including a past stint on our board of directors. Her long experience comes from her support of the WBCC’s mission.

“I’ve always admired the advocacy work the WBCC does, and I want to support these activities. There is no other organization in Wisconsin that does this work, and the unrepresented need someone to speak for them.”

Jo appreciates the WBCC’s emphasis on breast cancer prevention. “I hope to see research help us learn how to avoid cancer. All the detection, all the treatment, all the support will then be able to take a back seat to prevention. I dream of a world in which my children and grandchildren know a cancer diagnosis is no more serious than appendicitis.”

Jo has traveled a path that began with fear and anger, and moved towards hope, resolve and peace, since she was diagnosed at age 59. Her days are now filled with “learning to take the good days with the bad, accepting that there is a time and a place for all things in this world, loving each new experience for the lessons I can gain, and appreciating the friends and family with whom I have been blessed to share this journey.”