Molly Schwarzenberger

Molly will mark an important anniversary this September.

“September is the 40th anniversary of my mom’s death from breast cancer,” Molly said.
Molly’s mother owned a flower shop, and Molly herself was a floral designer for 30 years. “Her life has been a great inspiration for mine. Being a Survivor Artist for the RCA is carrying on a legacy of living creatively on purpose, rather than simply by accident.”

Now a clothing designer based in Milwaukee, Molly said she feels that her life after her diagnosis at age 53 is blessed and overflowing with grace and wisdom, for which she is grateful.

“I am more focused on defining and carrying out what God’s purpose is for my life,” she said. “My relationships with people and living a life that glorifies and honors God is far more important than the accumulation of things. I am more thankful with Joy.”

She urges Wisconsin decision-makers to make sure “that every woman is able to get the care that she needs to be completely cured of cancer, and not just the care that insurance companies will allow.” Health care providers can help survivors by “treating individuals better, and not just as statistics.”