Roberta Williams

Roberta sums up her breast cancer experience in these words: frightening, rewarding, helping, accepting and life-changing. The positive outlook is something she works on every day. “Each day is important to use wisely,” she noted, adding that she hopes to share what she has learned with others. One important piece of advice: “Listen closely. Don’t let negative people into your thoughts.”

Roberta and her daughter¬†Wendy Carlson are one of three¬†mom-and-daughter painting teams at this year’s event. Roberta said she got involved with the Rare Chair Affair because she loves to create, and she and Wendy wanted to help the WBCC raise funds. Roberta lives in Bayside and was diagnosed at age 60.

Roberta said she hopes breast cancer policy makers will help ensure that women will not have to worry about the length and extent of their treatment programs. Women should not have to worry about a job being in jeopardy because of their diagnosis. Roberta also hopes that health care systems increasingly approach each breast cancer case individually, to fit radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and other treatments to each person’s specific needs.