Sherie Drees

“Life is fragile, no matter how strong you think your mind or body is a the moment,” observes Sherie, who was 35 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and who participated in the 2015 Rare Chair Affair while she was undergoing chemotherapy.

“Your health is a gift, not something to be taken for granted. A day should be cherished, not raced through. Your family and friends should be loved, your list of to-dos should include the things you actually want to be doing.”

Sherie remembers May 11 as the date when she first found her lump, the beginning of an awakening of purpose for her.

“My health concerns were not seen as valid in the beginning, and I was made to feel as though I were overreacting due to my young age,” she said. “I want to see healthcare providers understand the great risk all women and men face with the increase in breast cancer, and for them to take the appropriate measures to ensure the best care.”

Sherie will bring her artistic expertise to the 2016 Rare Chair Affair this year. An Art Teacher and Whitefish Bay parent, she values her Survivor Artist experiences “because throughout my own diagnosis and treatment, meeting with other breast cancer survivors really helped me to feel grounded during a time where my life was in upheaval.”