Carol Cameron

Carol Cameron has made breast cancer her vocation. As the Program Director for the Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative, she works to reduce breast cancer in Native American communities through education, advocacy and service. Diagnosed at age 49,  Carol is a member of the White Earth Chippewa and travels around the state reaching out to Native American communities.

Carol is participating in the Rare Chair Affair because “It’s a wonderful event, but I’ve never participated before. The funds raised from this event go to a great cause.”

Carol is an active participant in the breast cancer community and on the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Task Force. She said the issues she is interested in have to do with screening guidelines and research. “I’d like to see screening ages revisited with the number of young women I’ve met over the years of working in this breast cancer arena. I’d also like to see more work regarding dense breast screenings for those women that have this issue, and more research in triple negative breast cancer and more genetic research.”

Carol describes her journey with cancer as “Hopeful, rewarding,  insightful, empowering, and rewarding,” and it has taught her to live in the moment.

“I feel my breast cancer diagnosis was just another stepping stone on life’s highway.  Sometimes you have to find another route to get to your final destination.”