Marie Burrows

This is Marie’s 2nd year as a Rare Chair Affair Survivor/Artist. Her 18-month-old son Sam has been with her during her cancer journey, as she was 8 weeks pregnant with him when she was diagnosed at age 32 with breast cancer.

“Life moves forward, no matter what,” she writes. She returned to the RCA because  the outlet the art provided was immeasurable. I feel more relaxed and calm after painting.”

“Everything changed after cancer, but not in the ways I would’ve thought. I appreciate the ‘little things’ more, and I’m constantly thankful for my family and friends.”

An Software Trainer and Adjunct Professor, Marie says she wants breast cancer research to focus more on young women who are diagnosed and on Stage IV breast cancer resources. “I’ve lost a few close friends (young women) to Stage IV breast cancer in the previous year.”