Marsha Canser

Marsha Canser is aware of the irony of her last name. She is not a survivor, but breast cancer has hit very close to home: it affected her daughter, Nneka or “Niki.”

Niki passed away in August of 2015, after being diagnosed in 2010 with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She underwent chemo, radiation and numerous surgeries, but ultimately, the cancer metastasized to her spine, and she had to be confined to a wheelchair by January 2015.

Marsha and her family searched for alternative treatments when it became clear to them that the chemo and radiation weren’t improving Niki’s condition. ¬†Unfortunately, the cancer continued to grow,.

“Although she endured all the treatments, I just wish they weren’t so toxic to the body,” Marsha said.

Going through her daughter’s cancer was devastating and humbling, making her feel helpless and heartbroken, but also hopeful.

Marsha believes all cancer therapies should be covered by insurance companies, whether they are alternative remedies or chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. She believes Stage IV cancer patients should be given the option to try alternative treatments, and she would like to see developments in treatments other than chemo and radiation.