Pilar Moller

Pilar Moller is returning for her third year as a Survivor/Artist.

“I want to be a Survivor/Artist for Rare Chair Affair to help make people aware of breast cancer in a different way. Dealing with breast cancer is not just about walking for a cure, or buying something with a pink ribbon to show support. First and foremost, we need a cure for breast cancer, and secondly, ALL women need access to education, mammograms, and medical help to deal with breast cancer. ┬áThis is my third year doing this event, and each year I am making more friends, learning more about myself, and making more people aware of the problems facing people with breast cancer.”

Pilar wants people to know: “I’m more than a statistic.”

She is concerned about insurance protections. “Right now my biggest concern is about my ‘pre-existing condition,’ I’m going to have it for ever. The thought of losing my insurance or not being able to get coverage based on a past illness terrifies me.”

She wants more attention to curing this disease and preventing metastasis.

“We need to figure out how to cure this disease. I’ve lost way too many friends whose cancer has returned and metastasized. Dealing with breast cancer once is bad enough. Nobody should have to go through it again.”